IT Solutions

With strong valences in the area of IT, DATA E has developed customised products, offering its customers solutions of high quality and functionality. Know More.

Contract Management System in Web Support

The Contract Management System is a web platform that DATA E implemented, providing a digital solution that uses the World Wide Web as a means of communication between a company and its network of dealers / stores / representatives. Know More.


SoftData is a Web platform developed by DATA E, which allows a rapid and safe release of the studies we conduct, for our customers. The main objective of SoftData is to enable that our customers have permanent access to their studies, simply having a connection to the World Wide Web, a user code and a PIN provided by DATA E. Know More.


SalesCar is a statistical analysis service specialised in processing and analysing information for the automotive market. The service is based on exploiting a database of the automobile sector in Portugal, which, excluding the name and ownership entity, has all the information characterizing the vehicle to the model, including location data, ranging up to Post code. Know More.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

DATA E developed a Geomarketing Web platform, based on the Geographic Information System (GIS), to provide our clients with information about our studies in a fast and safe way and segmented by regions. Know More.

Car Population Characterization Study

DATA E offers on a regular basis, the Car Population Characterization Study, which the main objective is the characterization of the passenger and light commercial car population circulating in mainland Portugal. Know More.

IT Solutions

With strong valences in the area of IT, DATA E has developed customised products, offering its customers solutions of high quality and functionality.

Two key factors have contributed to this fact:

  • Usage of standard technologies (Java, XML, SQL, ...) which assure us:
  • Constant development of technologies
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Software Flexibility - "write once, run anywhere"
  • Usage of robust paradigms which offer us:
  • Fast and inexpensive maintenance
  • Great adaptation of algorithms in cases of specifications reformulation

As an example, we present some success stories that DATA E has been developing in this area:

Online Interviews

  • Speed in the collection, treatment and availability;
  • Customizing the questionnaire with the client's brand.

Standards and Criteria Management System

Application developed in a web environment, with the purpose of managing standards and criteria of a brand on its distribution network.

The system offers three distinct interfaces:

  • Distributors - dealers, shops, retail outlets or service, ...;
  • Auditors - entities that perform audit (hired or not);
  • Managers - who have tools to validate, analyse, monitor and configure the application.

This type of application is very configurable and proved to be a technological solution that turns a process which is costly and susceptible to errors into a simple, effective and profitable one.

Web application for publishing results

Application developed in a web environment, whose purpose is to publish periodical results to a network of users.


  • Rapid availability of results
  • Secure access - only authenticated users can access it
  • The data available are contextualized in the user's profile
  • Customization of all customer brand image.
  • We continue to invest and develop skills in partnership with our customers.