Our clients know that they can count on us. All the studies we have developed and the services we provide in business consulting and IT are highly transparent.


We have worked in market studies, business consulting and IT since 1987. Our expertise is solid and sufficient to respond to the challenges posed by our clients and potential clients every day. We believe we can be more than a business partner.


We know that the area in which we operate, Technologies and Information Systems, is essential to the development of our work and to support the decisions of our clients. This is why DATA E always invests in the modernisation of its technical and IT departments.


We continuously invest in the research and development of new working methods so that we can provide a better service to our clients. We are also aware that research needs to be done in terms of design, presentation and availability of study outcomes in digital form.


Our company is 100% Portuguese and our work in market studies, business consulting and IT is carried out as strictly and impartially as possible.


We have made a strong commitment with our clients right from the start, building long lasting partnerships that enable us to understand how our clients' businesses grow and to meet their needs over time. More than suppliers, we want to be their partners in business.

With strong valences in the area of IT, DATA E has developed customised products, offering its customers solutions of high quality and functionality.
Two key factors have contributed to this fact:

  1. Usage of standard technologies (Java, XML, SQL, ...) which assure us:
    • Constant development of technologies
    • Backward Compatibility
    • Software Flexibility - "write once, run anywhere"
  2. Usage of robust paradigms which offer us:
    • Fast and inexpensive maintenance
    • Great adaptation of algorithms in cases of specifications reformulation

As an example, we present some success stories that DATA E has been developing in this area:

Online Interviews

  • Speed in the collection, treatment and availability;
  • Customizing the questionnaire with the client's brand.

Standards and Criteria Management System

Application developed in a web environment, with the purpose of managing standards and criteria of a brand on its distribution network.
The system offers three distinct interfaces:

  • Distributors - dealers, shops, retail outlets or service, ...;
  • Auditors - entities that perform audit (hired or not);
  • Managers - who have tools to validate, analyse, monitor and configure the application.

This type of application is very configurable and proved to be a technological solution that turns a process which is costly and susceptible to errors into a simple, effective and profitable one.

Web application for publishing results

Application developed in a web environment, whose purpose is to publish periodical results to a network of users.

  • Rapid availability of results
  • Secure access - only authenticated users can access it
  • The data available are contextualized in the user's profile
  • Customization of all customer brand image.

We continue to invest and develop skills in partnership with our customers.

O Sistema de Gestão de Contratos é uma plataforma Web que a DATA E implementou, disponibilizando uma solução digital que recorre à World Wide Web como meio de comunicação entre uma empresa e a sua rede de concessionários / lojas / representantes.

O seu objectivo é permitir a gestão de contratos celebrados entre uma empresa e os seus representantes de uma forma eficiente.

A plataforma disponibiliza ainda os meios para a configuração dos processos através da disponibilização de formulários referente aos critérios contratuais acordados (jurídicos; materiais; humanos; …) adaptados a cada cliente.

Estes formulários estão integrados em três módulos (concessionário/loja/representante; auditor; gestor/administrador) que só são acedidos pelos utilizadores que detêm o respectivo perfil, e estão ligados entre si providenciando um sistema de navegação consistente e lógico.

Abaixo encontram-se 5 vídeos demonstrativos da plataforma, onde pode constatar que pode gerir a sua rede de representantes de uma forma eficiente porque permite a validação dos pressupostos sem deslocações de pessoal para confirmação no local.

  • Vídeo 1 - Módulo Gestão de Concessionários / Lojas / Representantes
  • Vídeo 2 - Módulo Administração de Auditores
  • Vídeo 3 - Módulo Administração de Critérios
  • Vídeo 4 - Módulo Concessão (Concessionários / Lojas / Representantes)
  • Vídeo 5 - Módulo Auditoria

SoftData is a Web platform developed by DATA E, which allows a rapid and safe release of the studies we conduct, for our customers. The main objective of SoftData is to enable that our customers have permanent access to their studies, simply having a connection to the World Wide Web, a user code and a PIN provided by DATA E.

In this platform, the results of the studies we conduct are presented in tables and graphs, allowing for the inclusion of HTML content, so that all information that cannot be represented in table form can be visualised. The users can export all tables to Microsoft Excel® so that they can perform any processing to the data.

Through the user code and PIN, each user has access to a private area where they can access only those studies that they purchased.

SoftData is constantly being developed in partnership with our technicians and customers in order to better adapt to the needs of all.

In short, SoftData wants to make available to our customers all information that has been collected, with the technical rigor we are recognized for, in a practical and safe way.

To access a demo study where you can see the potential of SoftData, or for more information

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DATA E developed a Geomarketing Web platform, based on the Geographic Information System (GIS), to provide our clients with information about our studies in a fast and safe way and segmented by regions.

The objective of this Geomarketing application is to enable a permanent access to georeferenced studies by simply connecting to the World Wide Web and having a user code and PIN provided by DATA E.

This Geomarketing application can be used with any type of geographically-based data, whether it is primary information about the client (objectives, sales ...), or secondary information (data from studies carried out by DATA E or others).

Contact us for more information

Geographic Information System (GIS)

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