With strong valences in the area of IT, DATA E has developed customised products, offering its customers solutions of high quality and functionality.
Two key factors have contributed to this fact:

  1. Usage of standard technologies (Java, XML, SQL, ...) which assure us:
    • Constant development of technologies
    • Backward Compatibility
    • Software Flexibility - "write once, run anywhere"
  2. Usage of robust paradigms which offer us:
    • Fast and inexpensive maintenance
    • Great adaptation of algorithms in cases of specifications reformulation

As an example, we present some success stories that DATA E has been developing in this area:

Online Interviews

  • Speed in the collection, treatment and availability;
  • Customizing the questionnaire with the client's brand.

Standards and Criteria Management System

Application developed in a web environment, with the purpose of managing standards and criteria of a brand on its distribution network.
The system offers three distinct interfaces:

  • Distributors - dealers, shops, retail outlets or service, ...;
  • Auditors - entities that perform audit (hired or not);
  • Managers - who have tools to validate, analyse, monitor and configure the application.

This type of application is very configurable and proved to be a technological solution that turns a process which is costly and susceptible to errors into a simple, effective and profitable one.

Web application for publishing results

Application developed in a web environment, whose purpose is to publish periodical results to a network of users.

  • Rapid availability of results
  • Secure access - only authenticated users can access it
  • The data available are contextualized in the user's profile
  • Customization of all customer brand image.

We continue to invest and develop skills in partnership with our customers.