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Studies, Consulting and Business Management

DATA E DATA E bases its activity on providing regular surveys and carrying out studies by customers' request strongly resorting to the development of new technological solutions that materialize on platforms distributed via Web or client / server applications. In terms of the design and development of studies to support decision making, the main areas of expertise of DATA E are:

  • Regular studies for the car and business areas (B2B). The latter focuses in particular on the financial and telecommunications sectors;
  • Ad hoc studies, in which our experience is not only demonstrated in the aforementioned regular studies but also in the execution of sectorial studies and customer satisfaction studies, among many others.

In addition to the experience in designing and developing studies, we have extensive experience and expertise in providing consulting services, in particular, the implementation and monitoring of marketing plans and the planning and launching of new products and services. DATA E has as General Director, Rui Jorge Alves Gonçalves, with a degree in Organization and Management of Companies at the School of Economics and Management (ISEG), Technical University of Lisbon. He began his career at Marktest in 1982, in which he had several technical positions, having been invited to join the Board of Directors until his transition to DATA E in 1989.

DATA E provides companies to it's experience through:

  • Detailed and historical knowledge of key sectors of economy;
  • know-how and work developed with various clients from different business sectors, over more than 25 years;
  • Continuing investment made in various departments – collection, technical, and IT and computing –, to modernize our processes and speed up the delivery of work;
  • Proactivity shown in developing and proposing Ad hoc solutions, enabling clients to streamline their decision and management processes.

Our clients know that they can count on us. All the studies we have developed and the services we provide in business consulting and IT are highly transparent.

We have worked in market studies, business consulting and IT since 1987. Our expertise is solid and sufficient to respond to the challenges posed by our clients and potential clients every day. We believe we can be more than a business partner.

We know that the area in which we operate, Technologies and Information Systems, is essential to the development of our work and to support the decisions of our clients. This is why DATA E always invests in the modernisation of its technical and IT departments.

We continuously invest in the research and development of new working methods so that we can provide a better service to our clients. We are also aware that research needs to be done in terms of design, presentation and availability of study outcomes in digital form.

Our company is 100% Portuguese and our work in market studies, business consulting and IT is carried out as strictly and impartially as possible.

We have made a strong commitment with our clients right from the start, building long lasting partnerships that enable us to understand how our clients' businesses grow and to meet their needs over time. More than suppliers, we want to be their partners in business.

To meet its mission every day, DATA E plans and develops its work with the following targets in mind:

  • Produce relevant information so that companies can make substantiated decisions;
  • Understand what our clients and potential clients need to achieve a streamlined operational and strategic management of their business;
  • Help, companies define their targets by providing technical opinions and other services;
  • Developtechnical and technological solutions to optimize the consultancy process and information analysis relevant to management and decision making;
  • Assist our clients from different areas of business and their stakeholders, based on the studies and services provided for the various sectors;

DATA E, has been operating Portugal and in the market study business since 1987. The work developed so far and the experience gained has given it the good standing and safety to also help its current and potential clients with business consulting services.
As a company working in the market study business and, at the same time, in business consulting, DATA E provides management consultancy services to help companies improve their performance and effectiveness. Our various studies are designed to analyse our clients and to formulate suitable solutions to address the company's problem, so that it can achieve its goals and targets in a sustained and sustainable way.

What does DATA E do in the do Business Consulting Area
These are some of the reasons why a company should hire the business consulting services provided by DATA E:

  • Experience as a company;
  • Experience in specific markets;
  • Ability to identify problems in markets;
  • Business partner;
  • Objectivity and Assertiveness in the work developed;
  • Determining the client's degree of satisfaction;
  • Assessment of skills and performance;
  • Determine the state of business in the market in which it operates;
  • Develop Web Technologies and software to support decision-making.

Field Department

DATA E has its own collection department and has been investing heavily in it. This space is equipped with the latest IT tools, digital telecommunications and digital audio/video facilities that monitor the interviews in real time (voice and script of the questionnaire and viewing interviewer) from a remote point.

The fact that DATA E has its own field department allows the company to offer better and faster services to clients, as it controls both the upstream and downstream processes of study.
Most commonly used collection methodologies:

  • Telephone interview, using specific software in network (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview - CATI);
  • Personal and direct interview - CAPI;
  • Interview by self-completion of questionnaire, for example through post (mailing);
  • Interview via Internet - CAWI;
  • Interview by observation - Customer Behavior;
  • Collection by simulating purchase/usage - Mystery Shopping;
  • Documentary research from the sources available - Desk-Research.

IT Solutions

With strong valences in the area of IT, DATA E has developed customised products, offering its customers solutions of high quality and functionality. Know More.

Contract Management System in Web Support

The Contract Management System is a web platform that DATA E implemented, providing a digital solution that uses the World Wide Web as a means of communication between a company and its network of dealers / stores / representatives. Know More.


SoftData is a Web platform developed by DATA E, which allows a rapid and safe release of the studies we conduct, for our customers. The main objective of SoftData is to enable that our customers have permanent access to their studies, simply having a connection to the World Wide Web, a user code and a PIN provided by DATA E. Know More.


SalesCar is a statistical analysis service specialised in processing and analysing information for the automotive market. The service is based on exploiting a database of the automobile sector in Portugal, which, excluding the name and ownership entity, has all the information characterizing the vehicle to the model, including location data, ranging up to Post code. Know More.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

DATA E developed a Geomarketing Web platform, based on the Geographic Information System (GIS), to provide our clients with information about our studies in a fast and safe way and segmented by regions. Know More.

Car Population Characterization Study

DATA E offers on a regular basis, the Car Population Characterization Study, which the main objective is the characterization of the passenger and light commercial car population circulating in mainland Portugal. Know More.